"International Remittance Service: Cuba and Venezuela +60 Deposits in AIS cards, BsF or Local currency"


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Que Bolá!! International Remittances

About & Terms of Service

You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company UniSoft-Alebo CA, is constantly evolving and growing. Our mission is to provide the best solution to help all families sending their relatives in the country of origin remittances. If you wish to contact us, unisoft.ca@gmail.com frandiah@gmail.com, Anzoategui, Venezuela Zip Code 6093    Terms of Service • APPEAL: step by which the client expresses not agree with the resolution issued its initial complaint and requested that his case be submitted to analysis again. • CLIENT: natural or legal person who has entered into a product and / or service with any of the banks that have signed the document. • CONSULTATION request for information or clarification of doubts, related financial products or services. • MANAGEMENT: is a process related to a product and / or financial service contracted by the client, which is assigned a unique identification number. • NOTICE: stage which is customer knowledge management response or complaint filed. • COMPLAINTS: verbal or written expression of dissatisfaction expressed by the client, by his dissatisfaction with a product or service contracted, a particular process or treatment received by Bank staff. Customer response may require a formality, time for evaluation, resolution and communication. • CLAIM: is the formal request that a client presents for their dissatisfaction with a service or product purchased, which may require a formality, time for evaluation, resolution and communication. • RESOLUTION: is the answer provided to the client in a complaint, claim or suggestion, and the execution of actions resulting from this respuesta.¡Le wish you a good day!


¿Quiénes somos?

UniSoft-Alebo is a financial that came to life with the aim of bringing the digital world safer alternatives for their banking and e - commerce operations. Through our financial products and services, customers can move money wherever and whenever they want. Companies have the ability to accept e - commerce payments. Guarantee security, privacy and effectiveness of operations. Our team is made up of the best professionals in information technology and finance. Along with our strict virtual security to ensure protection of their money from fraud and identity theft or securities.